About Us

Prestige has many years of producing successful and talented aspiring dancers.

Prestige Dance Academy has an incredible wealth of experience in training students from the beginning to the final stages.

Prestige Pathways and Student Success Stories

Prestige Dance Academy has an incredible wealth of experience in training students from the beginning RAD levels up to the final stages in Advanced 2 RAD Ballet, where students have successfully attained great results. Prestige also provides a pathway for Elite level Dancers to contribute their training and assessment into Marden Senior College Stage 2 Workplace Practices. Delivered externally, Workplace Practices incorporates the students Dance Training which we offer through Prestige Dance Academy into a Year 12 subject.

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With many Prestige graduates furthering their passion and commitment to dance over the years, they have received acceptance into various national courses including The Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAPPA), Ministry of Dance, AIT performing Arts, Queensland University of Technology, Victorian College of Arts, and the Australian Ballet Associate Program for those dancers who are serious about a career in Dance, Prestige can provide support and high quality training for students to successfully achieve these goals.

Our Principal

Melanie Panton has been the proud principal of Prestige Dance Academy, building its reputation from the small beginnings in 1994 to the highly successful and thriving Academy that Prestige is today. Melanie has devoted her entire career to teaching and mentoring students and supporting them to reach their complete artistic potential and she continues to ensure that every student is encouraged to strive for their personal best and are offered every opportunity to achieve this.

After Melanie graduated from 3 years of intensive full-time dance training, Melanie continued to keep her passion for professional development alive with further study through the Royal Academy of Dance to achieve recognition as an Internationally Qualified RAD Teacher. Through registration with the Royal Academy of Dance, she continues to further her passion and commitment on a continuous basis to enriching her knowledge of dance with the ongoing changes and evolvement to the syllabuses.

Melanie trains the students of Prestige Dance Academy for annual RAD Ballet examinations in graded, higher graded and all vocational graded examinations every year. Over Melanie’s career, she has stepped into active roles, as Vice Chair Person followed by Chair Person for the Royal Academy of Dance South Australian Regional Advisory Panel. Due to the great growth and demands of Prestige Dance Academy, Melanie stepped out of these roles to focus completely on Prestige.

At Prestige, Melanie has choreographed and prepared Dance Teams who have performed at many corporate events and she also prepares teams annually for participation in the Credit Union Christmas Pageant. Melanie’s extensive and heightened experience makes her much more than just a Dance Teacher but a Dance Educator, a Mentor and a Visionary for the Education of Dance.

Our Vision

Prestige Dance Academy’s vision is to create a community orientated dance school where the students creative expression and social development are fostered through the experience of dance.

Our mission is to be a studio of dance excellence and encourage our students to be the best they can be within a nurturing and dedicated environment.