Performances & Examinations

Information and details about past, present and future Prestige events.

End of Year Production

The End of Year Production, is a wonderful opportunity for the students to celebrate their accomplishments and perform on a professional stage with lights, costumes and scenery. Parents are not required to make costumes, as all costume construction is organised by Prestige through a professional company. Family and friends of Prestige are invited to attend the annual event. We break our Concert into three shows being a Glenelg Junior School, Hyde Park Junior School and a combined Glenelg and Hyde Park Senior School Concert.

Sunday 24th November @ Helen Reid Hall

Demonstration Days

The Demonstration Days are a combination of Classical Ballet Artistic Displays, Jazz, Commercial Funk/ Hip Hop, Tap, Musical Theatre and Kinetic Dance.

Demonstration Day is held towards the end of Term 1 and these performances are an opportunity for the students to demonstrate to their families and friends, the skills they have achieved in an informal performance.. The Prestige Dance Academy students wear their prestige dance uniform to Demonstration Day (No Costume is required).

Saturday 6th April @ Helen Reid Hall

Royal Academy of Dance Classical Ballet Examinations & Class Awards

Royal Academy of Dance student examinations and class awards are an optional and exciting goal for the students to strive towards.

At Prestige Dance Academy, we ensure that the Royal Academy of Dance Examination and Class Award preparation and training experience is to be a positive, supportive and encouraging environment, so that the students enjoy their classes whilst celebrating the gradual development of their dance technique.

Examination Levels

  1. Graded Examinations 1 – 5 Level
  2. Higher Grades 6, 7 and Grade 8 Level
  3. Vocational Graded Exams Inter Foundation – All Advanced Levels
  4. Class Awards – Primary – Grade 5 Level
The Royal Academy of Dance Examinations are held in the 3rd term of every year.