Our diverse classes ensure we achieve the best results for every student.

Classical Ballet Classes

Classical Ballet is the most disciplined and rewarding style of dance.

The Classical Ballet classes train the students in the fundamentals of technique, grace, poise, strength and balance. Ballet also enables the students to develop coordination, posture, turn out, flexibility and pointe work. At Prestige Dance Academy, we educate our students under the Royal Academy of Dance Syllabus, which is introduced from the Pre Primary Level up to all of the Elite Advanced Levels.

Our end of year production is another wonderful way to educate our students on the history of ballet and its heritage as we continuously rehearse from many of the most popular ballets ever seen. Our primary goal for the Classical Ballet classes is to develop the students artistic skills, dance technique and confidence through the belief that determination and perseverance can create success.

Fairy Pre-School Ballet

An introduction to the magical and beautiful world of Ballet.

The Fairy Pre School Ballet Program has been specially developed to encourage the students love of dance. The class structure includes the introduction to ballet incorporating feet and arm positions, creative skills, musical appreciation, skipping, galloping, fine motor development, poise and performance. The classes include group work, props, musical instruments, scarfs and fairy wands. The aim of these classes is to develop the students confidence and dance appreciation in a nurturing and supportive environment whilst training them with the Royal Academy of Dance Syllabus.

Junior Funky Jazz

A highly enjoyable and popular dynamic dance class which the students just love.

Using popular children’s hits with upbeat themes, this class aims to improve the students dance coordination, flexibility, strength, fitness and performance skills whilst building the students’ self-esteem. We combine a funky warm up and stretching routine, followed by some high impact corner combinations and finishing with a funky Dance Performance Routine. The students own creative choreographic skills are encouraged to be developed in these classes.

Junior Tap and Musical Theatre

A rhythmical and colourful combination of Tap dance, singing and performance.

The students musical ability is developed in this class incorporating songs from many popular shows. Whilst the class has a strong emphasis on developing the students tap dancing technique. The classes encourage a strong use of creative expression and teach the students how to sing, act and tap dance at the same time.

Commercial Funk/Hip Hop

A combination of Jazz, Funk and Hip Hop.

Commercial Funk/Hip Hop Classes are an enjoyable and dynamic style which aims to improve the students dance ability and self-confidence. These classes focus on different sequence and turning combinations, strength, flexibility and corner work. Each teacher concentrates on developing the students confidence, musical appreciation, coordination and performance skills. The classes explore a variety of Commercial Funk and Hip Hop routines.

Musical Theatre

Incorporating the singer, actor and dancer through the musicals.

This class concentrates on developing the performer in the dancer with a strong emphasis on theatrical performance and presentation. Each semester the students study works from some of the most popular musicals and turn them in to grand performance pieces. This class focuses on developing the students singing, dance and theatrical skills through the medium of performance.

Kinetic Dance Company

Through Prestige, we offer a contemporary modern dance program which caters for the students who would like to explore a medium between classical ballet and jazz dance. Students explore fluidity of the contemporary techniques through various dynamic movement repertoires. To cater for the different age groups and abilities, Prestige provides various transition stages of contemporary dance training including Kinetic Junior, Kinetic Training and Advanced Kinetic.. The transitional stages of Kinetic Training focus on preparing and inspiring students in the field of contemporary dance.

“Dance is the hidden language of the soul” ― Martha Graham

2024 Term Dates

Term 1

4th February – 13th April

Term 2

29th April – 29th June

Term 3

22nd July – 28th Septembe

Term 4

12th October – 21st November